What is sound? How do you measure sound?

KGI Training program:
"What is sound? How do I measure sound?"

The KGI GROEP consists of knowledge partners in the field of acoustics and noise insulation.

KGI values a qualitative good training and education highly. Sharing knowledge and experience will increase the quality of service, customer orientation and mounting of noise insulation, in short: of the final result. Important conditions for success. Education and certification takes place within the KGI-Academy.

The KGI-Academy is the training- and expertise centre of the KGI GROEP in the broadest sense of the word. The KGI-Academy is supported by important parties amongst others manufacturers and external (training-) institutes.

Goal of the training:

It is a practical course, containing sound fragments, short exercises and demonstrations with a sound source and a sound level meter; its screen can be projected.

Duration of the training:

2 sessions.


Minimal 15 and maximal 25 persons.


The training will be given by 2 professional trainers.

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Content of training:

Function and goal

General sound knowledge:

What is sound?
New and existing situations
How does it work and how do we measure sound'?

Problem recognition and problem solving:

Air- and contact noise
How do I recognize sound problems?
Specific applications with regard of sound measurements
A solution to any problem?

Requirements and standards:

Legal frameworks and requirements

Soundproofing- and acoustic materials:

Which materials are available?
Which materials for which application?

Example sound measurement


How should I give advice concerning noise?
What do I say/write, what shouldn't I say/write?

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