Luc the Soundman

Noise is everywhere

EU-research shows Holland suffers 1,5 billion Euro loss yearly due to noise pollution. Almost everyone faces noise pollution once or has unconsciously caused it. That's why we came up with an illustration [LUC the soundman]® : A little man who symbolises noise. At first he finds this very annoying, later on he will continue life without noise pollution. It's a new, mature, professional comic character (just like the Michelin Man symbolises tyres worldwide). He acts in various logo's and symbolises the process of raising awareness among people. For his introduction, we will make use of various possibilities such as a 3D-animation, advertisements and various mini-games. Luc the soundman® can be used in various national campaigns to raise awareness about noise pollution and offer solutions (f.e. Campaign hearing loss for young persons).



Almost everyone plays a computer game now and then. It might be a quiz or a puzzle, a race or a casual game. The coolest and funniest games are exchanged through e-mail and social network. Games have become a pleasant distraction during a stressful day. Nowadays, web games have become part of the lives of average internet users.

Design a house

A game in which the player can design an own character or environment are very inspiring. Users are proud of their creations and want to share it with friends and colleagues. For example, a house can be designed. Players can choose between a couple of basic models and can add windows, walls, rooms and furniture. They can also choose a couple of occupants. They have to consider their habits and the noise they cause.

Riddles and simple puzzles

In simple puzzles and riddles a particular situation is presented to the player, with just limited information. The user must use that information to decipher the solution. Examples of such games: Hints, spot the differences and crossword puzzles. An example in the field of noise: "find the sound source". The player must search the environment with the help of a couple of tools and find the source of the sound. Besides, he/she must guess the cause of the sound. A cool game!

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