Quality mark sound insulation

Quality not only depends on the materials used but also on the people. Thanks to the Quality mark Sound Insulation you can immediately check if a product/service meets all requirements. The terms quality mark and certificate are often mixed up. A certificate is the piece of paper stating a product/service meets the requirements. This certificate entitles a company to carry the quality mark. The process of granting a quality mark is also called certification, although the term quality mark could also be used, especially when the approved companies are allowed to carry a quality mark logo. Certified products are often checked; complaints will be evaluated by an independent complaint committee.

What is the use of a Quality Mark Sound Insulation?

A Quality mark Sound Insulation is useful for both consumer and manufacturer of product/service. The quality mark may help consumers dealing with buying decisions, especially if consumers are insecure and a possible bad bargain could lead to severe damage, like incompetent mounting of the product. Prior to getting a quality mark, the product/service is judged. Thanks to this judgement manufacturers know if their product/service meets the requirements and which points have to be improved.

The quality marks can be classified in various ways:

  • Type: Total quality mark or partial quality mark
  • Management: drawing up requirements, carrying out inspections etc.
  • Granted to: product/service or company

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