Noise pollution

Are you hindered when exercising your musical study, hobby or profession? A sound studio developed by the KGI GROEP will enable you to make music or sound recordings at any time of the day, without causing noise pollution. Music from instruments or audio systems causes about 80-100 dB(A). A sound studio will reduce this level up to about 30dB. In combination with a stone- or concrete wall the noise can't (almost) be heard in adjacent rooms.

geluidshinder 01geluidshinder 02

A sound studio is also very suitable for professional purposes. When making sound recordings, the room's acoustics must be perfect, meaning as few as possible echo. Thanks to the knowledge of our specialists and our wide assortment of products we can develop an optimal, acoustic climate, fully adapted to your needs.

We build sound studio's for:

  • Auditive measuring chambers
  • Community centres
  • Conservatories
  • Cultural centres
  • (Dance-/music) schools
  • Municipalities
  • Youth centres
  • Music stores
  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Recording studio's
  • Private persons (musicians, DJ's)
  • Pop-stages

Do you wish to receive more information about noise pollution, please contact us.
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