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  • Noise inspection

    Noise inspection gives a clear, independent impression of noise pollution.
    We will make an estimate of the required improvement measures with the right products. Would you like us to carry out a sound measurement, please contact us: +31 (0)84 003 0094
    Noise inspection gives a clear, independent impression of noise pollution.

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  • Noise pollution

    One of the major sources of noise pollution, after street traffic, is caused by neighbours. It is of course very annoying if your neighbours produce that much noise that you don't feel at home anymore.

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  • Bad acoustics

    Acoustic comfort in an office, school or public room contributes to our sense of well-being. Bad acoustics might affect health, communication, safety, productivity and learning performances.

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  • Difference

    Annoying and harmful noise. Harmful noise is any noise over 80 dB (A). Annoying noise can be both under and over 80 dB(A). Complaints about annoying noise can be divers: High noise levels, bad intelligibility, insufficient privacy, loss of concentration, monotonousness, shock reactions.

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KGI (knowledge center sound insulation)

KGI GROEP is brand-independent and consists of a network of specialists in the field of acoustics and sound insulation. The KGI GROEP takes care of realization and coordination with all persons involved by offering a knowledge center and an umbrella organization. The umbrella organization wishes to increase the recognition of manufacturers, advisors and qualified acoustic- and sound insulation companies. Architects, construction- and installation companies may only participate in this umbrella organization, if they have required knowledge with regard to working with acoustic-/sound insulating systems.

The KGI GROEP also wishes to form consortiums with other participants and accept joint work. Participants will, of course, work with qualified construction- and installation companies, which is essential as the effectiveness of sound insulation requires an integral approach. When designing and building ventilation, ceilings, walls, floors, electricity, glass etc. mounting- and installation methods must be applied which don't damage sound insulation.

Why a knowledge center noise insulation?

After various market researches in close collaboration with HVA we decided to further professionalize in the field of noise insulation and acoustics. The KGI GROEP is your partner and offers both innovative products and a knowledge platform. During the design phase a wrong choice is regularly made and construction materials for maintenance/renovation aren't often applied correctly which, in the long term, often lead to engineering-, physical building- and user problems, which involve high repair costs.

Are you looking for innovative products in the field of sound insulation and acoustics? Please contact us: +31-(0)84 003 0094

The KGI Groep values a qualitative good training and education of both knowledge partners and soundproofing engineers highly. Sharing knowledge and experience increases the quality of service, customer orientation and installation of sound insulation, in short of the final result. Besides, training and education are important aspects for continuation and monitoring of the unique KGI-formula. The KGI-Academy is THE internal training- and expertise center of the KGI Groep in the broadest sense of the word.

The KGI-Academy is supported by important parties such as manufacturers and external (training) institutes. The education and certification of soundproofing entrepreneurs and soundproofing engineers offers participating companies an important competitive advantage with respect to other construction companies and insulation engineers. The KGI-GROEP guarantees quality and workmanship!

We do:

Acoustic plasterwork
Acoustic stuccowork
Acoustic baffles
Acoustic research
Acoustic ventilation
Contact noise
Eco Barrier
Sound absorption
Sound management
Noise inspection
Soundproof housings
Soundproof windows
Soundproof floor constructions
Sound label
Sound measurements
Noise pollution
Noise barriers
Soundproof glass
Soundproof doors
Green noise barriers
Hospitality noise control
Industrial noise
Knowledge centre
Music studio
Echo reduction
Environment advice
Sound damping
Recording studio
Room acoustics
STI measurements
Vibration insulation
Vibration measurement
Intelligibility measurement
Floor insulation
Heat insulation
Floating floors


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