Soundproof designing for interior designers

KGI Training program for interior designers:

'Soundproof designing'.

The KGI GROEP consists of knowledge partners in the field of acoustics and noise insulation.

KGI values a qualitative good training and education highly. Sharing knowledge and experience will increase the quality of service, customer orientation and mounting of noise insulation, in short: of the final result. Important conditions for success. Education and certification takes place within the KGI-Academy.

The KGI-Academy is the training- and expertise centre of the KGI GROEP in the broadest sense of the word. The KGI-Academy is supported by important parties amongst others manufacturers and external (training-) institutes.

Goal of the training:

Sound is a current theme. Interior designers however often forget to apply sound, meaning improving or intensifying the room's acoustics, during the design phase. The city resonates, echoes, muffles or insulates all city noises and therefore influences sound. This training offers the interior designer all required knowledge and will enable him/her to give professional advice in the field of sound aspects.

Interior designer with KGI-certificate:

At the end of the training the interior designer will receive a KGI-card as proof of being a certified KGI specialist (provided that he/she attended both sessions).

Duration of the training:

2 sessions.


Min 15 and max 25 persons


The training will be given by 2 professional trainers.

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Content of training:

Interior designer with KGI-certification
Function and goal

General sound knowledge:

What is sound within houses and/or offices?
New and existing situations
How does noise work? How do we measure it?

Problem recognition and problem solving:

Air- and contact noise
How do I recognize sound problems?
A solution to any problem?

Requirements and standards:

Legal frameworks and requirements

Soundproofing- and acoustic materials:

Which materials are available?
Which materials for which application?

Houses and offices:

Floor constructions
Wall constructions
Ceiling constructions

Design and its consequences:

How do I convert sound problems into solutions?
What are the consequences in case of measured and/or detected noise pollution?


How should I give advice concerning noise?
What do I say/write, what shouldn't I say/write?

Distinguishing capacity of interior designer with KGI-certificate:

How can I take advantage of my certification?


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