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The KGI GROEP was founded after various market researches in close collaboration with HES and HVA. Due to a lack of initiative in the line of business we decided to further professionalize with regard to noise pollution and acoustics. No other company offers important things like: Education, qualified construction- and installation companies and a knowledge platform, although noise pollution is listed in the top 5 of housing-related annoyances. According to various forecasts noise pollution will be, within a couple of years, one of the biggest house-relating annoyances, which besides influences the health of occupants.


Comfort and possibilities with regard to acoustics and sound insulation have to meet more stringent requirements nowadays. Innovations and new technical applications in the field of noise insulation require specialism and professionalism. Acoustics and sound insulation used to be side issues instead of main issues. In order to be able to meet all requirements and wishes we urgently needed a professional, national and even international organisation in the field of sound insulation in the broadest sense of the word. Who will take care of sound insulation? Until today, that is a much asked 'open question' with all kinds of consequences!


The KGI GROEP guarantees a sound aware, durable construction. In close collaboration with manufacturers and specialised construction supervisors, the KGI GROEP wishes to optimize your living-, and working environment in the field of sound insulation and durable construction. We offer an unique, all-in package. The KGI-Academy takes care of training, education and coaching of knowledge partners and soundproofing engineers. The KGI GROEP is always looking for new developments and innovative products. Our mission: Customer-oriented approach and delivering/guaranteeing reliable products and services in the field of sound insulation.


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