Noise inspection, why?

Yearly, we face billions of building damage due to the fact that incompetent parties try to solve sound problems. The KGI GROEP values internal trainings in combination with product knowledge and practical experience of the inspector highly. Sharing knowledge will increase the quality of service, customer orientation, in short of the final result. A noise inspection gives a clear, independent image of noise pollution. We will make an estimate of the necessary points of improvement with the right products.

Would you like to know the right solution to your noise problem?
Our inspectors would love to come over and check your situation. They will make a sound pollution report and offer solutions.

The following activities are carried out:

  • Drawing up a report in pdf format;
  • Evaluation of current situation;
  • Perceptibility of type of noise pollution;
  • Observations and remarks with regard to noise pollution;
  • Cost estimate for necessary points of improvement.
  • Possible advises for carrying out further (specialist) acoustic research.

The noise pollution report is just an indication for the possible expected results and the corresponding costs. There may be errors with regard to the inspected object which involve costs which have not been foreseen. This report should therefore not be considered as a guarantee with regard to the expected final result and the corresponding costs. A noise pollution report doesn't contain acoustic research (no sound measurements, parts will not be removed, moved, dig up etc. to evaluate underlying constructions/installations).

Acoustic research or noise measurement

The following activities are carried out:

  • Discussing basic principles with customer / architect
  • Telephone consultation with municipal official involved
  • Acoustic- and architectural evaluation of the situation
  • Carrying out sound measurements on location
  • Working out and analysing measurement results
  • Calculating noise in and/or around houses
  • Determining possible sound-reducing facilities
  • Working out a facility package
  • Drawing up a report in pdf format (inclusive of two bound copies)
  • Exemplifying report and results
  • Would you like us to carry out a noise measurement, please contact us: +31-(0)84 003 0094


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