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Noise pollution might affect living pleasure severely and is often cause number one when it comes to neighbours' quarrel.
Are you working night shifts and do you wish to sleep undisturbedly during the day? Are you sick of traffic noise, noise coming from restaurants/bars? Are you tired of having to consider your neighbours when exercising your musical hobby? There are many solutions. We would like to come over, check your situation, listen to you and offer a customized solution.

Floor insulation/Ground insulation

This type of insulation requires working in crawl space. Floor insulation means mounting an insulation layer on the bottom of the floor, without any joints/cracks; you won't be hindered by rising damp anymore. Ground insulation – often an alternative if floor insulation isn't possible for example due to lack of crawl space - means mounting insulation material on the bottom of the crawl space. Rising damp is reduced.

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Roof insulation

Roof insulation can be mounted both from the inside and from the outside of the house (between roof tiles and roof boarding).

Acoustic plaster

There are various kinds of acoustic plaster. One of them is based on cellulose and reduces the echo in a room. It concerns a jointless finish and can be used in practically any room and on almost any flat and curved surface. The finish level may vary from very esthetical to industrial (just functional).

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Soundproofing panels

The cellulose panel is applicable in various wall, floors, ceilings and roofs. The perfect panel for jointless insulation of timber frame- and metal stud constructions.

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Should you wish more information on your personal situation, please send us an E-mail or call us. We will be more than willing to help you!


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